Oyster Tray Set | Shucker Paddy

  • $39.95

Product Features
  • The Shucker Paddy Oyster Tray Set is a unique, stylish and innovative 2-in-1 tray that allows you to shuck and serve oysters on the same tray
  • To shuck oysters, place the Wooden Puck onto the centre of the tray. The Puck allows you to hold the oyster firmly while you shuck. The Stainless Steel Tray acts as a stabilizer and captures the juice and the shell of the oyster.
  • To serve oysters, place a generous amount of crushed ice onto the Stainless Steel Tray and place oysters around the tray. 
  • Tray can hold up to 24 oysters, depending on size.
  • Tray is made of 0.8mm high-quality Stainless Steel
  • Impress your guests with the Shucker Paddy Oyster Tray Set
  • Designed by World Renowned Shucker: Patrick McMurray - Guinness Record Holder of 38 oysters opened in one minute