Nuance Stainless Steel Wine Finer Product Shot

Nuance Stainless Steel Wine Funnel

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Nuance is rooted in timeless, simple Nordic design that is always highly functional. Behind each product is a Nordic designer or design team using innovative thoughts and offbeat ideas to create new functions and new designs. This collection of Nuance Wine and Bar products embody the essence of Nuance, function, enhances by beautiful design.

Product Features

  • The elegant Nuance stainless steel Wine Funnel is designed by Scandinavian design team Karina Mencke and Marcus Vagnby.
  • Its sleek shape fits comfortably on the neck of most decanters.
  • The wine funnel is made from high-grade stainless steel and includes 30 aerating holes.
  • Removable mesh filter prevents cork or sediments from entering your wine and it is easy to clean.