Nuance Wine Finer Stainless Steel Mirror Finish Product Image

Nuance Deluxe Wine Finer, Pourer Stopper

  • $45.00

Nuance is rooted in timeless, simple Nordic design that is always highly functional. Behind each product is a Nordic designer or design team using innovative thoughts and offbeat ideas to create new functions and new designs. This collection of Nuance Wine and Bar products embody the essence of Nuance, function, enhances by beautiful design.

Product Features

  • Multi-purpose Wine Finer is a staple within the Nuance line as it is a piece that truly combines design and functionality.
  • The Wine Finer has an integrated stainless steel filter which removes cork & sediments as you carefully decant wine.
  • With efficient filtering and drip-free pouring, the Wine Finer is ideal for use with any bottle of wine.
  • It also aerates your wine as you pour.
  • High-grade stainless steel with mirror finish.