Swissmar Cilantro Mortar & Pestle product shot

Mortar & Pestle | Granite and Marble | Cilantro | Swissmar

  • $35.00

Swissmar is proud to offer you a premium quality granite Mortar & Pestle
collection that is designed to fit your kitchen and lifestyle and will last for
generations to come.

Product Features

  • Made of premium quality half-polished Granite, natural and M10 Marble Rose River
  • Mortar is beautifully designed with two-tone material - Granite and Marble
  • The pestle is heavy yet comfortable and crushes, grinds, and mixes herbs or spices with ease
  • Granite is easy to clean with its natural non-porous quality and allows for the extraction of oils from herbs and spices without these being absorbed into the stone